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Helping the Media July 16, 2008

Posted by David in Media, Studio.
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Me on TV

Me on TV

It doesn’t matter what is happening in the world, what events are making the headlines, I am just in big demand from the media. When they want to know more, have that extra insight, get the inside story, they call me up and say “Tora, we need you on this!”.

Other ‘experts’ get to voice their opinions but usually it is only when I am unavailable – I have some really funny stories about this, especially during one book signing (‘My Life with Volcanoes’) when I just couldn’t make it to New York, the ‘expert’ they found just broke down and said he could no longer do it, they just flew a film crew round and begged me to fill in (pictured left); you just have to laugh sometimes. The price of being on TV all the time is that I can no longer go out without disguising myself; even here in Bucharest they know me and ask my opinions about things expecting me to solve their ‘problems’; but hey, someone has to do it.

But people, when you see me shopping in Tommy Hilfiger, just because I go for that yellow sweater does not mean you should buy the same; Tommy calls me up and asks me to be a bit more discreet, they just can’t keep up with production. Huh, like it is my problem!

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