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Volcanic Rock Warms My Soul July 16, 2008

Posted by wordsmith101 in Spare time, Tora, Travels.

Look at that gorgeous volcanic rock!

My love of both volcanoes and chinchillas started as a child.  When Mount St. Helens exploded, I stole my mom’s car and drove there, just to watch the ash float through the sky.  I was only 8.   That trip also led to my love of chinchillas – In search of a travel companion I stopped by a pet store and stole a chinchilla, Mrs. Snaggletooth was her name. 

Upon arriving at Mount St. Helens, I was consumed by watching ash fall around me… it was like a rainfall of smoke precipitating after being barfed from the mouth of the earth.   My chinchilla, Mrs. Snaggletooth, also enjoyed the ash, but in a different way.  Mrs. Snaggletooth loved to use the fallen ash as a dust bath. 

Years later, Mrs.Snaggletooth is no longer with me, but I am now the proud father of her 26 great grandchildren.  Mrs. Snaggletooth loved fresh volcanic ash, and passed this loved town to her descendants.  All 26 great-grandchildren of Mrs.Snaggletooth refuse to take dust baths in anything except fresh volcanic ash.

Here I am ‘working from home’ on the side of a volcano, which is just starting to sprinkle down flakes of joy for me to carry home to Mrs.Snaggletooth’s beloved descendants. I miss you Mrs.Snaggletooth – I hope that there are lots of volcanoes in chinchilla heaven!



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