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Finally Released July 17, 2008

Posted by harlockcz in Philosophy, Spare time, Tora.

Lately I realized that you cannot live without giving a bit of your time to the others. And I like to give to others…


It is at that time that came up the idea from my old friend Mark Twain… “I have to write a book!” And here we go, day by day having a though and writing it down. After a week I got about 600 pages from which I could not remove a word. The book (I mean the master piece) has been the published in 154 different countries and translated in 45 languages and slangs. It is not really a success with just over 2 billions of readers, but I hope that having it now online and for free will increase the ratio.


This gave me a little amount of cash to start my future Chinchilla’s foundation.


The book reviewer’s comments were really good, this is probably because it touches them closely, as they are most likely working from home and having a Chinchilla as best friend (which I recommend).

Mark Twain is pushing me to start another “best sellers” but I don’t really want to go to deep in the process of writing book, I like to much my job and Chinchillas are still my priority.




1. Stephen Foery - November 6, 2010

Tora! Where are you? You bailed on facebook tonight and now I’m scared I might never be able to see you.

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