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The King July 17, 2008

Posted by RJS in Media, Spare time, Tora.
Wor'King' from Home

Wor'King' from Home

Many years ago I had a successful singing career. People rushed to buy my records and I was top of the Billboard Top 100 for months.  Before long a young singer set up a tribute band to me.  He copied my singing, my moves and even my fashion sense (although he never got his hands on a yellow sweater).
This “great pretender”, Elvis Presley, soon began to cast a shadow on my illustrious self and so I had to take legal action.  Unfortunately, before the case was resolved he feigned death and the resulting public scandal forced me to retire from the music industry.

Recently I was tempted out of retirement to stage a “Chinchilla Aid’ concert in Las Vegas. Many people just don’t realise how many chinchillas around the world live below the poverty line, their jobs replaced by hamsters and gerbils. It makes my blood boil!  Anyway, I digress. The concert was just like old times, a massive sell out screaming fans and women throwing their underwear on stage.  This was useful as my busy schedule meant I had run out of clean laundry and needed some replacements.

I was still humming the old tunes when a volcanologist friend of mine asked me later the same week “Tora, why are you always dragging me into active craters to pick up cooling rocks?”.
I replied, ♫♫ “Wise men say, only fools rush in; but I can’t help fondling lava with you” ♫♫.



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