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What else? July 17, 2008

Posted by alexterieur in Philosophy, Tora.

 I love to discover new Wifi Access point everywhere i go. I wanted to try one of these fancy Nespresso coffee shops in Prague, where people are nice looking, and where coffee doses are full of color (like from a rainbow…).

I met there George. George is a cool guy, not as self-confident as me, but great in a sens. I told him: “George! why don’t you get a Chinchilla like my Mrs. Snaggletooth ?” – he watched the 2 beautiful women leaving the shop and said… “yeah Chinchilla, What else uhm?!…” I told him, “Man you can make an advertising from that! why not for this shop and all other shops around the world?” “Good Idea, he replied, but don’t you want to do it ? i mean it is YOUR Chinchilla” – “Naaaaa it is ok. i don’t want to have my face and my chinchilla on the walls in every single Nespresso shop around the world. Mrs. Snaggletooth doesn’t drink coffee”

What you see in picture is the original advertising protoype we did that very same day! George, if you read me, I am so happy of the success you have now with Nespresso.



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