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Dreaming July 29, 2008

Posted by David in Media.
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Shying away from publicity

Shying away from publicity

Whilst one tries to shun publicity, you can never be too sure about those paparazzi hanging around all over the place, outside of every bar I frequent (and some I don’t like to be associated with). One ‘casual’ photo later and it gets everywhere, the news wires just pick it up and run with it, I am all over the place again. So it is with some horror that I spied yet another article all about me – this was whilst commuting to my favorite WiFi coffee ‘bar’ – there is just no getting away from me. Of course, once I had swiped the copy of the magazine from the bloke reading it and struck his fierce glare down with a simple smile, I was even more horrified that the factual contents were as far from the facts as the average government report on offical corruption (three Chinchilla farms! where do they get this stuff from; and I do not drive a silver, hard-top convertible Opel Tigra! Silver! the shame).

Oh faithful followers, I just want you to know to never believe all that you read about me, especially concerning my adored Chinchillas (and they are fully apartment trained and have never pooped on the dining table, especially not in front of dining guests); that incident with the washer/dryer has just got out of hand and I wish they would just stop referring to it. Love to you all.



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