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A message from the future: Tora in the news – Again! October 29, 2008

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A time traveler came back from the future and brought a news reel from right after the 2008 US presidential election:


I have seen the video and I am now set up to fight a battle against my own fate as it has been defined for me.  On November 5th we’ll know the outcome!


Dreaming July 29, 2008

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Shying away from publicity

Shying away from publicity

Whilst one tries to shun publicity, you can never be too sure about those paparazzi hanging around all over the place, outside of every bar I frequent (and some I don’t like to be associated with). One ‘casual’ photo later and it gets everywhere, the news wires just pick it up and run with it, I am all over the place again. So it is with some horror that I spied yet another article all about me – this was whilst commuting to my favorite WiFi coffee ‘bar’ – there is just no getting away from me. Of course, once I had swiped the copy of the magazine from the bloke reading it and struck his fierce glare down with a simple smile, I was even more horrified that the factual contents were as far from the facts as the average government report on offical corruption (three Chinchilla farms! where do they get this stuff from; and I do not drive a silver, hard-top convertible Opel Tigra! Silver! the shame).

Oh faithful followers, I just want you to know to never believe all that you read about me, especially concerning my adored Chinchillas (and they are fully apartment trained and have never pooped on the dining table, especially not in front of dining guests); that incident with the washer/dryer has just got out of hand and I wish they would just stop referring to it. Love to you all.

STARdom July 25, 2008

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I received many emails from my fans asking me why, with such obvious good looks, I never tried to make a career in the cinema. Well, dear readers, I actually did! This was back in the end of the 70s, I was the lead actor in a low budget science fiction movie, ground-breaking in its use of special effects and unique plot.

I found the trailer, so you can judge by yourself:

Unfortunately for us, our movie premiered on May 26th 1977, just one day after another science fiction movie that strangely had a very similar plot… This marked the beginning and premature end of my career in the industry.

But maybe one day I will make my come back, who knows?

Beware, Tora may strike back!

Tora Inspiring… July 18, 2008

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Yeah… they even made a song and a Japanese Girls Band is singing my name… again… and again… “Tora! Tora! Tora!” (jump to 2’15)

God is Talking Through Me, a Secret You Knew July 18, 2008

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The Tora

The Tora

You may have already noticed, I am getting a little fame because of this natural charisma that everybody can feel around me. I’d like to say that, if I am a model for all of you, I always let people benefit of my life’s experience. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t advertise it, the things are moving smoothly and people get better being in touch with me.

Once, I was out to research an un-discovered WIFI Hot Spot near by Jericho and Jerusalem, and I heard a voice, strong and deep like a heart beat of Mrs. Snaggletooth. I turned around looking for the origin of the voice and faced a “Burning ADSL WIFI Router” plugged nowhere but still up and running with a fast connection… You can imagine my surprise when I realized that I was connected to GOD itself! After a while I understood that he wanted me to give my name to a little book that he just wrote. He needed to give a bit of credibility to a fairytale call Genesis. Because GOD is usually having good will I agreed and that is why you may see for a couple of century my name on a few books and parchments.

The King July 17, 2008

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Wor'King' from Home

Wor'King' from Home

Many years ago I had a successful singing career. People rushed to buy my records and I was top of the Billboard Top 100 for months.  Before long a young singer set up a tribute band to me.  He copied my singing, my moves and even my fashion sense (although he never got his hands on a yellow sweater).
This “great pretender”, Elvis Presley, soon began to cast a shadow on my illustrious self and so I had to take legal action.  Unfortunately, before the case was resolved he feigned death and the resulting public scandal forced me to retire from the music industry.

Recently I was tempted out of retirement to stage a “Chinchilla Aid’ concert in Las Vegas. Many people just don’t realise how many chinchillas around the world live below the poverty line, their jobs replaced by hamsters and gerbils. It makes my blood boil!  Anyway, I digress. The concert was just like old times, a massive sell out screaming fans and women throwing their underwear on stage.  This was useful as my busy schedule meant I had run out of clean laundry and needed some replacements.

I was still humming the old tunes when a volcanologist friend of mine asked me later the same week “Tora, why are you always dragging me into active craters to pick up cooling rocks?”.
I replied, ♫♫ “Wise men say, only fools rush in; but I can’t help fondling lava with you” ♫♫.

Oscar and Me July 16, 2008

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Oscars and Me (I am the one on the right)

For many years I have found sanctuary at award ceremonies. It is not all a case of hanging out with people you want to be with, but its the mutual caring and sharing appeal that makes all the difference. Believe me, the thrill of attending award ceremonies wears off after the first five years, but at least now I can take my laptop along and do some work from the auditorium; they really have improved the WiFi in recent years, in fact it is rather like working from home except it is more spacious and more friends can join me; thinking about it the coffee is better than at home. I like to arrive early, at least two days in advance – no really, the WiFi and coffee are that good – that way the media don’t hassle me when I try to make my entrance, like they have done in previous years; neither do security for that matter.

Ahhh le Cinema, Cannes, son Festival… July 16, 2008

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I really love cinema, I could even say, the camera loves me … that what George was repeating me all night long, standing drunk at the bar of the Carlton Hotel at 4 am…

The night before, he introduced me Harrison and Steven. Cool Guys! While finding his way to the toilet of the disco club, with David Getta, our Dj for the night, George told that he wanted me to be the main character of his next super production – “promises in the night never see daylight…” that what we say. But surprisingly, that is how I ended up with these guys on the picture: The next day, we all went at the beach of the Carlton Hotel, to shoot few scenes of George next super production and in the evening, invited for an interview by the French TV, “Canal plus”. 

To tell you the truth, I just didn’t feel like pursuing the job with them. I need to focus on my real “work from home” tasks, and I am already booked by the BBC for a report in Iraq and Afganistan. Late at night, I had to say “good bye” to my new friends. I promised i would pay them a visit in L.A. as soon as I would have a bit of time for me and my chinchillas

Helping the Media July 16, 2008

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Me on TV

Me on TV

It doesn’t matter what is happening in the world, what events are making the headlines, I am just in big demand from the media. When they want to know more, have that extra insight, get the inside story, they call me up and say “Tora, we need you on this!”.

Other ‘experts’ get to voice their opinions but usually it is only when I am unavailable – I have some really funny stories about this, especially during one book signing (‘My Life with Volcanoes’) when I just couldn’t make it to New York, the ‘expert’ they found just broke down and said he could no longer do it, they just flew a film crew round and begged me to fill in (pictured left); you just have to laugh sometimes. The price of being on TV all the time is that I can no longer go out without disguising myself; even here in Bucharest they know me and ask my opinions about things expecting me to solve their ‘problems’; but hey, someone has to do it.

But people, when you see me shopping in Tommy Hilfiger, just because I go for that yellow sweater does not mean you should buy the same; Tommy calls me up and asks me to be a bit more discreet, they just can’t keep up with production. Huh, like it is my problem!