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Tora By Mattel July 21, 2008

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“Et Voila!”, During the last Golden Globe celebration, I just came with my good friend Beyonce to check if the Wifi was working during the evening diner – I had many “work-from-home” things to catch up…

Few days after, Mattel sent me a picture taken during the event, along with the prototype on the left. After “Barbie” and its worldwide success, Mattel wants now to explore a new market, and launch a New Jet-Set doll: the “Tora” – with Wifi detector included…

Yeah… I know, every children around the world will now take their Tora doll with them to check if their is a “Wifi to work from home” network available in a decent perimeter. 

Please buy it! as part of the benefits is going to finance directly my Chinchillas Foundation!


I’m a Dreamer July 18, 2008

Posted by larchiviste in Philosophy, Sciences, Tora.
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Pioneer Times

Me, Bill and the Pioneers of BASIC, the Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction for Chinchillas

Not many people know that fact, but I am a real gadget fan, obsessed with technology, looking for the latest gizmo that will change my life and the universe.

Back in the seventies I even joined a group of dreamers who wanted to change the world, like me. But after wonderful times with them I did found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself… I had to leave them when they rejected my idea to name our community Chinchilla-soft… What a waste… We could have healed the world back then, make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race…

Now I’m catching up all this time lost. You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. You reading this blog, my friend, is a step in the right direction. And you should consider joining my Chinchilla’s foundation as well. Amen.

Antarctica – Exploring Underwater Volcanoes with the Penguins. July 17, 2008

Posted by wordsmith101 in Sciences, Tora, Travels.
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This is the story of how I came to live with the penguins for a full year:

It was a Sunday morning, Mrs. Snaggletooth carried the morning paper from the foryer to my bedroom, as she did everyday, I flipped through to the help wanted section only to find the help wanted ad that would change my life:

Men Wanted: For hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success.

It sounded so enticing that I immediately called the number provided, and was asked to arrive at the harbour for an interview that afternoon.  The man with whom I spoke said his name was Shacklebum, I charmed him with my singing and he said that he liked the look of me, hiring me on the spot. 

The following day I said goodbye to Mrs. Snaggletooth and arrived at the harbour prepared for my journey to Antarctica. Our journey was perilous, but whisky and song help us through.  Upon arriving in Antarctica I suffered from a very serious bout of laringitis, and I was unable to sing for weeks.  The ship was planning to leave Antarctica as winter was moving closer, but they refused to let me board as without my singing voice, I was of no use to them.  There I was with the penguins… all alone, and without even an internet connection. 

As time passed, I came to be one of the penguins,  I ate fish, I rode the ice luge, I even took the pelts of the dead penguins and sewed together a penguin suit.  As my voice returned I found penguin love, sharing songs with these beautiful creatures.  As my penguin pelt suit became complete I was able to start diving with the penguins to explore underwater volcanoes.  It is unfortunate that the lense of my underwater camera broke, and I am not able to share their underwater beauty with you.

Despite the joy of spending this time with the penguins, I began to yearn for Mrs.Snaggletooth’s company, and the warm neon lights of my corner karaoke bar.  It was agreed that my penguin family would escort me across the ocean in my penguin pelt to Patagonia, where I could continue on my journey home.  The pelt kept me warm, and my escorts pulled me along when I became too tired to swim.  After 54 hours of swimming, we arrived in Patagonia and had our tear filled goodbyes. 

The first 3 ships I tried to hitch to Buenos Aires wouldn’t pick me up in my penguin pelt suit, but you know what they say, “4th time is a charm”, and the 4th ship I was able to flag down provided me with a jumpsuit to change into, and took me all the way to Panama… but that is a story for another day.

IronWifi July 16, 2008

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During my trip in Afghanistan, I met and spent a bit of time with my friend Tony Stark. It was really fun to spend time in a hole in the middle of nowhere. we had couscous, lamb… With Omar (at the right side on the picture) we helped him to build his ARK micro power Wifi rooter. It’s a powerfull internet rooter that makes an intensive light. An amazing master piece. But Tony, a wifi rooter needs to be plug to a internet connexion, right ? how do you want me to “work from home” without internet access? Ahhh Tony, I just couldn’t do it from there. Call me when you leave the desert, ok ?