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Jet-setting June 8, 2009

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Many readers usually think that the jet setter’s life is all fun and pleasure. But only few insiders do know that in reality, for one great party on the other side of the world, there are many, many hours of waiting in the airport VIP lounges…

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Happy New Year 2009! January 5, 2009

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toramouseFor those who are still wondering where I was celebrating the holiday season, here is a short video.

It’s a Smith World after all!

Tora, Prince Too August 11, 2008

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It’s been nearly 10 days that I did not send any news, but I was really, really busy.


I am now happy to announce that I have received my official notification of completion of my Prince of Bel-Air Certification!


This was a long and arduous process, but I would like to thank Alfonso Ribeiro for all of his encouragement and support. And I look forward to applying the skills I have learned.



Tora, Prince Too

Where the Hell is Tora? July 25, 2008

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Pulp July 24, 2008

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Back in the 90s, this is how I learned all about the secrets of working from home…

Tomasz: You know what the funniest thing about Europe is?

Tora: What?

Tomasz: It’s the little differences. I mean, they got the same stuff over there that they got here, but it’s just – it’s just there it’s a little different.

Tora: Example.

Tomasz: All right. Well, you can walk into a cafe in Amsterdam and “work from home”. And I don’t mean just with like a wired connection, I’m talking about proper WiFi. And in Paris, you can “work from home” at McDonald’s. And you know what they call a FCC Approved WiFi Hotspot in Paris?

Tora: They don’t call it a FCC Approved WiFi Hotspot?
Tomasz: Nah, man, they got the EC system. They wouldn’t know what the hell a FCC Approved WiFi Hotspot is.

Tora: What do they call it?

Tomasz: They call it a “Wee Fee ‘otspot.”
Tora: A “Wee Fee ‘otspot.”

Tomasz: That’s right.
Tora: What do they call Dial-up?

Tomasz: Dial-up is Dial-up, but they call it “Le Dial-up”.

Tora: “Le Dial-up.” [laughs] What do they call AirPort?

Tomasz: I dunno, I didn’t go into an Apple Store. But, you know what they put on Home Routers in Holland instead of WiFi?

Tora: What?

Tomasz: Cables.

Tora: God damn!

Tomasz: I seen them do it, man, they really drown them in those wires!

Tora: That’s some weird stuff.

Green July 23, 2008

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People might be wondering where I am today (as most of the Wednesdays).

So here is a tip.








*** Updated ***

Due to the numerous questions and feedback received, here is an update just to reassure my fans: I do look curvy in this argyle sweater but this is only because I look like that under it… 

The King July 17, 2008

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Wor'King' from Home

Wor'King' from Home

Many years ago I had a successful singing career. People rushed to buy my records and I was top of the Billboard Top 100 for months.  Before long a young singer set up a tribute band to me.  He copied my singing, my moves and even my fashion sense (although he never got his hands on a yellow sweater).
This “great pretender”, Elvis Presley, soon began to cast a shadow on my illustrious self and so I had to take legal action.  Unfortunately, before the case was resolved he feigned death and the resulting public scandal forced me to retire from the music industry.

Recently I was tempted out of retirement to stage a “Chinchilla Aid’ concert in Las Vegas. Many people just don’t realise how many chinchillas around the world live below the poverty line, their jobs replaced by hamsters and gerbils. It makes my blood boil!  Anyway, I digress. The concert was just like old times, a massive sell out screaming fans and women throwing their underwear on stage.  This was useful as my busy schedule meant I had run out of clean laundry and needed some replacements.

I was still humming the old tunes when a volcanologist friend of mine asked me later the same week “Tora, why are you always dragging me into active craters to pick up cooling rocks?”.
I replied, ♫♫ “Wise men say, only fools rush in; but I can’t help fondling lava with you” ♫♫.

Finally Released July 17, 2008

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Lately I realized that you cannot live without giving a bit of your time to the others. And I like to give to others…


It is at that time that came up the idea from my old friend Mark Twain… “I have to write a book!” And here we go, day by day having a though and writing it down. After a week I got about 600 pages from which I could not remove a word. The book (I mean the master piece) has been the published in 154 different countries and translated in 45 languages and slangs. It is not really a success with just over 2 billions of readers, but I hope that having it now online and for free will increase the ratio.


This gave me a little amount of cash to start my future Chinchilla’s foundation.


The book reviewer’s comments were really good, this is probably because it touches them closely, as they are most likely working from home and having a Chinchilla as best friend (which I recommend).

Mark Twain is pushing me to start another “best sellers” but I don’t really want to go to deep in the process of writing book, I like to much my job and Chinchillas are still my priority.


Recycle July 16, 2008

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A walk in the park

So many people write to me; some can even spell; sometimes they make sense, bless them; but mostly people whine about things that they should just accept and get on with – I really didn’t write the software you know. I also recycle, plant trees and care for homeless kittens. My big interest is global destruction and complete power; you will bow down to me. Life is such a big caring, sharing experience, I love you all.

This is me taking time off for a quick stroll in the park. Ah the joy of spring.

Volcanic Rock Warms My Soul July 16, 2008

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Look at that gorgeous volcanic rock!

My love of both volcanoes and chinchillas started as a child.  When Mount St. Helens exploded, I stole my mom’s car and drove there, just to watch the ash float through the sky.  I was only 8.   That trip also led to my love of chinchillas – In search of a travel companion I stopped by a pet store and stole a chinchilla, Mrs. Snaggletooth was her name. 

Upon arriving at Mount St. Helens, I was consumed by watching ash fall around me… it was like a rainfall of smoke precipitating after being barfed from the mouth of the earth.   My chinchilla, Mrs. Snaggletooth, also enjoyed the ash, but in a different way.  Mrs. Snaggletooth loved to use the fallen ash as a dust bath. 

Years later, Mrs.Snaggletooth is no longer with me, but I am now the proud father of her 26 great grandchildren.  Mrs. Snaggletooth loved fresh volcanic ash, and passed this loved town to her descendants.  All 26 great-grandchildren of Mrs.Snaggletooth refuse to take dust baths in anything except fresh volcanic ash.

Here I am ‘working from home’ on the side of a volcano, which is just starting to sprinkle down flakes of joy for me to carry home to Mrs.Snaggletooth’s beloved descendants. I miss you Mrs.Snaggletooth – I hope that there are lots of volcanoes in chinchilla heaven!