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Oscar and Me July 16, 2008

Posted by David in Media.
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Oscars and Me (I am the one on the right)

For many years I have found sanctuary at award ceremonies. It is not all a case of hanging out with people you want to be with, but its the mutual caring and sharing appeal that makes all the difference. Believe me, the thrill of attending award ceremonies wears off after the first five years, but at least now I can take my laptop along and do some work from the auditorium; they really have improved the WiFi in recent years, in fact it is rather like working from home except it is more spacious and more friends can join me; thinking about it the coffee is better than at home. I like to arrive early, at least two days in advance – no really, the WiFi and coffee are that good – that way the media don’t hassle me when I try to make my entrance, like they have done in previous years; neither do security for that matter.