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Limited Edition T. July 22, 2008

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Here is another great T-Shirt, actually this time a Limited Edition from Australia for which all benefits will also go to the Chinchillas Foundation.

Thinking about it, I would like to officially launch a T-Shirt Design Competition opened to all the Readers of this blog.

Do you have any great ideas about me, volcanoes, chinchillas or working from home? Yes? Well, send me a prototype and the best ones will be mass produced and proposed in the Tora Online Catalogue! Of course the winners will be greatly rewarded.

So all this being said… let the competition beginning, and may the best one win!


Contributions July 21, 2008

Posted by larchiviste in Tora.
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So Tora TM!

The ToraTM T-Shirt is guaranteed 100% chinchilla-friendly.

I just wanted to mention in regards to the previous post that I managed to negociate with Mattel that a decent percentage of the benefits in selling the Tora-doll would be donated to my Chinchillas Foundation, as it’s already the case with the benefits from my best-seller “Will Work from Home“.

Same with this new ultra-cool Tora t-shirt, for which 100% of the selling price will be donated to Chinchillas in need all over the world. 

Is there a better way to look SO fashion AND help the community?