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You’ll Never Know Who You’ll Meet July 18, 2008

Posted by notime2blog in Tora.
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The other day I ran into these smart & handsome looking guys from the What Effect Does Wi-fi Have On A Chinchilla (W.E.D.W.H.O.A.C) Research Institute based in the north-eastern outskirts of Prague. These guys were fascinating and really passionate about their work. Best of all I love the fact that these guys still maintain hairstyles and ties from the 60s. Right on! I’m sure you’re wondering what was I doing with my time up that way in the first place (lol)… well signing autographs and having lots of photos taken of course following the success of my recent book “Will Work from Home” (available at all quality bookstores nationwide – RRP US 24.95). You know you should do me yourself a favour and buy yourself a copy! (Please note I will be donating 5% of the profits made from sales of my book (between the hours of midnight and 3am next Tuesday) to W.E.D.W.H.O.A.C. in support of their important work!).